COMPACT MAX: The reliable and economical solution to watch satellite TV via DTT

October 6, 2015.

PROMAX launches the CompactMax, a transmodulator that converts satellite TV to terrestrial TV in an easy and efficient way and for a reasonable price.


Bad reception of Digital Terrestrial Television

Bad reception of Digital Terrestrial Television

Remote areas often face problems of poor or no coverage of digital terrestrial television (DTT). In the past, the solution was to use satellite TV, so each user must have its own installation to receive satellite signal at home (satellite dish, decoder, etc.). This meant a high cost, both economically and aesthetically. Other alternatives, as gapfillers or headends, are too expensive for these small communities.

Complex TV installation

Complex TV installation

In hotels, hospitals and other special buildings where several signal types (satellite, terrestrial, cable, encoded) are received, facilities must work for each type of signal. In addition, to manage these signals is necessary to use complicated and bulky programmable modules at a high cost, both in money investment and subsequent configuration and maintenance.

CompactMax is the solution

PROMAX has designed for these and other similar cases the CompactMax transmodulator that converts satellite TV to terrestrial TV, in a quick and efficient way.

Imagen del transmodulador CompactMax

Coverage in shadow areas

The CompactMax receives satellite channels and converts them to digital terrestrial standard in order to be retransmitted efficiently and at an inexpensive cost per channel. The quality levels of the terrestrial signal at the output are so high that signal can be broadcasted by a small emitter. This signal can cover rural and mountain areas that have problems with signal reception.

Functional diagram of a CompactMAX providing TV coverage to towns in shadow areas
Functional diagram of a CompactMAX providing TV coverage to towns in shadow areas.

Simplifying TV installation

The CompactMax is a compact device that helps to simplify complex installations that mix signals from different sources. A single device with 4 satellite inputs can give up to 8 output multiplex (DVB-T). The installation is scalable and signals received from satellite can be distributed in COFDM, even if they are encrypted, by using proper PCMCIAS and smart cards. These signals can be released into CATV networks providing levels of quality close to 40 dB (MER).

In addition, the control software is user friendly and can be easily configured from any PC, both in person and remotely. A version of CompactMax for almost all digital terrestrial TV standards worldwide is available.

Satellite channels in DTT format: No decoders nor additional wiring needed
As the satellite channels are delivered in DTT format, there is no need of satellite television decoders or additional wiring.

In short, the CompactMax is the solution “all in one”

CompactMax series is the compact and economical solution to solve problems of reception and distribution of DTT, these are the reasons:

  • Quality: It delivers the same quality and signal power than a TV station (MER 40 dB).
  • Scalability: User can extend the installation by connecting several CompactMax, if it is necessary to increase the number of TV channels.
  • Compatibility: There are versions for almost all existing terrestrial transmission standards.
  • Decoding: It has two PCMCIA inputs for smart cards to decode channels compatible with this system.
  • Visual pollution: It is a compact, small sized device. Also, since the output signal is DTT, the receiving antennas are small terrestrial antennas that produce less visual pollution than parabolic antennas for satellite television.
  • Usability: It can be configured from any Internet browser and therefore from anywhere in the world.
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