The five golden rules to choose your next field strength meter

February 13, 2015.

If you have not already done so, you are probably thinking about renewing your old field strength meter. PROMAX wants to help you. We have collected the five basic rules to make the best out of your investment.

5 golden rules to choose your next field strength meter


ProfessionalYou know you need not only instantaneous and accurate measurements, but also a fast spectrum. How about if you could use simultaneously tools that are only present on laboratory equipment?: Markers, Maximum and Minimum Hold, Average, Persistence, Datalogger and Management of Installation Data.

Further, you should make sure you get the right connectivity, with exclusive software for Data Management and free Updates to keep always your instrument up to the latest standards.


PowerYour job will be faster done if your equipment runs several functions at once: Measurement + Spectrum + TV. To achieve a proper implementation of this and other features like: Constellation, Transport Stream Analyser and Recording, Detection of Dynamic Echoes, Task Scheduling, Attenuation Test, LTE Test... a powerful processing hardware is required.

Battery life

Battery lifePower and speed of operation require power and this means more battery consumption! Your next meter should allow for battery operation for at least a full journey. Further, it should have an intelligent power management system with indication of the remaining battery time.


ErgonomicsThe ideal field strength meter is light and small but with a large screen to read measurements properly. It must be well protected in order to be shock resistant, adequate to your often on-the-roof job!.

And also… why not buying a meter with a unique rubber covering design that stands out from the rest? The image given to your customers is important: do stand out from the crowd!


MultifunctionalIt would be contradictory if your new field meter promises a lifespan of over 10 years and during that time technology turns it into obsolescence. A meter acquired today should be equipped with second generation DVB: DVB-T2 / C2 / S2, HDMI, possibility to expand for measurements on fibre optics, GPS for mapping applications, and much more!

You will find many meters on the market, some may meet some of these golden rules.

But, only the HD RANGER 2 meets and exceeds all of them and offers you the level of excellence you deserve.

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