PROLITE-41, professional fusion splicer for all!

March 17, 2014.

Nowadays it is common to find fibre optics installers working in the streets. Fibre optics is reaching more and more homes thanks to the FTTH (Fibre To The Home) technology. The increased use of Internet has made ADSL networks small regarding the amount of data flowing. Fierce competition among telecom operators requires more bandwidth and speed and therefore operators have taken the next logical and evolutionary step: installing optical fibre over the whole country.

To assist in the expansion of this future technology and to make the work of installers easy, PROMAX offers in its fibre optics catalogue, the PROLITE-41 fusion splicer, a professional fusion splicer, compact and at a very interesting price.

The fusion splicer is supplied in a rugged carrying suitcase, made ​​of ABS material and inside are neatly all accessories needed to work with optical fibre:  cleaver, standard stripper, drop stripper and clamps , plus consumables: sleeves , alcohol dispenser  and backup electrodes. Several sets of interchangeable clamps for several fibre diameters are also included.

126 Optical fibre fusion splicer model PROLITE-41 for field work
The PROLITE-41 fusion splicer is the perfect tool for field work.

The fusion splicer has an LCD screen that shows the fusion process using images that are obtained by the microscopic lens. Climatic sensors for temperature, humidity and air pressure adapt the splicer to environmental circumstances. Furthermore, the fusion splicer keeps in its memory the splice records, which can be downloaded to a PC using the supplied USB cable.

A fibre fusion splicer available to training centres

The splicer is ideal for both the professional installer in the field as well as for use in VET (Vocational and Educational Training) centres and universities. Until now, the price of professional fusion splicers was too high for many VET centres. Now, the PROLITE-41 is available at a lower cost; therefore these centres finally can afford to purchase its own professional equipment in fibre optics without expending too much.

The fusion splicer combines small size and light weight with strong robustness, which is complemented by an anti-shock holster that makes it virtually shockproof. Each battery full load allows 180 cycles (fibre fusion + heat sleeve), and it needs about three hours for full charge.

A moment of the training course in fibre optics organized by PROMAX
A moment of the training course in fibre optics organized by PROMAX.

Training in this field is a guarantee of a future job as the demand for this type of installers is constantly growing. For this reason PROMAX organizes training courses in these technologies and also offers tutorial videos where the use of a fusion splicer is explained in five minutes:

And last but not least, we offer the warranty of the post-sales PROMAX service, which is always ready to help our customers to solve any questions or problems as soon as possible.

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