New HD RANGER 50 SE TV Signal and Spectrum analyzer, Limited Edition

February 26, 2014.

PROMAX has just launched to the market the HD RANGER 50 SE, a special commemorative edition of the 50 years that the company celebrates this year. And what better way that offering to the installer a product made with the PROMAX quality standards at an affordable price.

Field strength meter model HD RANGER 50 SE

A field strength meter to celebrate the 50th anniversary of PROMAX

The HD RANGER 50 SE is an equipment that is based on the HD RANGER+ field strength meter, which has given excellent results. The HD RANGER 50 SE integrates all the improvements that have been gained from the user experience with the HD RANGER+. To reduce the price, some tools have been removed but keeping the ones that are the most used by telecommunication installers, so it is good value for money.

We have included the most common standard: terrestrial, satellite and cable, both digital (DVB -T, DVB -C, DVB-S/S2) and analogue. It also includes the most used functions such as the constellation diagram and LTE Ingress Test (for the Digital Dividend). This it is complemented with the ultra-fast spectrum analyser, which has the features of a professional spectrum analyser. Below you can check the comparative table for all the equipment belonging to HD RANGER series.

USB interface: Much more than updating firmware

In terms of hardware, it has a high resolution 7” screen and an USB connector to download to a PC or to a USB flash drive. With the equipment the data management software is also included. With this software you can create data reports, update the firmware and download screenshots among other features. And, of course, do not forget that behind every meter is our R&D department, always looking for continuous improvement and generating updates in order to provide the best after-sales service.

Discover everything you can do with NetUpdate 4, the free data management software for PROMAX field strength meters:

The aim of this special edition is to celebrate the PROMAX 50th Anniversary with a field meter affordable to all the installers. It is a unique opportunity for all those who still have not tried a PROMAX and for all the loyal customers who are continuously trusting in our brand. An opportunity only available for a limited period of time as this special edition ends when the stock runs out.

More information about the HD RANGER 50 SE

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