Professional monitoring systems for television and radio signals

January 30, 2014.

The range of PROWATCH monitoring systems by PROMAX are systems designed for organizations that must control a certain radio spectrum in order to ensure the quality of the broadcasting signal and to prevent illegal use of the spectrum or interference with other transmitter systems.

The range of PROWATCH professional monitoring systems include the following models:

The PROWATCH monitoring systems have been used by government agencies such as the Spanish Ministry of Industry to trace and monitoring remotely signals of Television and Radio. The high requirement of these organisms gives an idea of ​​the quality of our equipment.

PROMAX can develop and adapt functions for PROWATCH monitoring equipment on customer demand such as broadcasting monitoring, reception quality, detection of illegal transmissions, transmitters that fails regulation, etc.

We provide now a brief description with the most important characteristics of each one:


El PROWATCH TELMO está disponible en formato carril DIN o rack
El PROWATCH TELMO está disponible en formato carril DIN o rack

The PROWATCH TELMO is the simplest monitoring system of the range. Its main objective is the measurement and remote monitoring of the quality of the digital terrestrial television signals, generating alarms based on detected anomalies and monitoring stations that are part of the system.

It consists of:

  • One or more measurement modules in rack format or compact box with ports for control and configuration.
  • Remote software for Monitor and Configuration adapted to customer specifications.

As an example of a possible application, a measurement module can monitor 6 DTT multiplexes and generate alarms and warnings according to the signal level , VBER or MER . It also has two DB25 connectors with two 70 VDC internal relays that can be programmed for example to switch a defective signal to a backup modulator with a correct signal.

PROWATCH TELMO monitoring system demonstration
PROWATCH TELMO demo: Monitoring system that with the failure of a modulator, activates another emergency unit and generates an alarm


PROWATCH DEIDE 3 monitoring systemThe PROWATCH DEIDE 3 is a middle range monitoring system. The measuring equipment can perform more types of measures and more accurately. All measurement units are controlled from a remote control unit located on a server. The user can access the server from a PC with internet connection. It consists of:

  • One or more PROLINK-4C Premium field strength meters in rack format with a processor based on an industrial PC, with an option for connecting peripheral devices and a GPS receiver.
  • Remote software for Monitor and Configuration adapted to customer specifications and installed in the remote control unit.

The possibilities offered by this system are several. Among others you can get information on the status of the measurement unit; it allows programming procedures as time scheduled measures, single or periodic; generation of historical measures reports; direct measurements in real time; change of operating parameters; generation of reports on the results of the data obtained; alarm generation and notification via e- mail; access control to the remote control unit and the units of measurement...

A case of great interest is the use of the radio spectrum monitoring to detect new or unauthorized signals as well as the verification of broadcast quality of all carriers.

PROWATCH TELMO monitoring system demonstration
PROWATCH DEIDE 3 demo: Worldwide Radio Signal Monitoring controlled from a central server and operated from a computer. All elements are interconnected via the Internet.


PROWATCH DEIDE+ monitoring systemThe PROWATCH DEIDE+ is a high range monitoring system that allows measuring and monitoring many types of signals: DVB-T/T2, FM, analogue, intermediate frequency (IF )... All the monitoring system is integrated into a suitcase easily portable. Its use is completely autonomous and has the ability to process data from external databases, to measure all expected signals such as RDS FM and analogue and digital TV, to obtain geographical position with its built-in GPS and to scan the spectrum looking for not contemplated transmissions. It consists of:

  • A PROWATCH DEIDE+ meter based on the HD RANGER+ field strength meter.
  • A laptop with remote software for monitor and configuration with database management and adapted to customer specifications.
  • GPS receiver.
  • Carrying suitcase.

Due to its portability and reliability , this system offers the possibility to perform agile measurements in any location.

PROWATCH DEIDE+ monitoring system demonstration
PROWATCH DEIDE+ demo: Monitoring system installed in a vehicle with a GPS receiver that communicates via Internet with a centralised database, where it gets the locations where take measures and send the measurements.

PROMAX experience of over 20 years developing this equipment and its use by leading organizations is a guarantee of quality and service satisfaction.

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