PROMAX boards the High Speed Train

November 29, 2013.

The German company SIEMENS relied on PROMAX equipment when they were manufacturing the AVE trains 103 series, that currently are operating in the line Madrid- Barcelona and Madrid -Seville. The train of 103 series is considered one of the most advanced and fast for commercial use.

AVE trains

PROMAX has contributed to this technological wonder with the GV-798+ equipment, the professional signal pattern generators for TV. These generators have been used to calibrate and test the screens that are part of the general network for passenger information, that is distributed throughout the train. All coaches are equipped with these displays that shows information in three languages ​​and reports about the train route, date and time, the GPS position and some tourist information.

This pattern generator offers 37 selectable test charts in 4:3 and 16:9 formats, BITS, WSS, Telex, VPS and PDC signals, etc. It also includes a RF output with DSB modulation tunable in VHF and UHF bands. The VSB version is also available under the GV-898+ denomination.

The reliability and efficiency of these generators is more than demonstrated. A leading industry like SONY has included these generators in its manufacturing lines. These generators have been adapted to SONY specific requirements for testing Plasma displays from 37 to 50 inches as well as LCDs (TFTs) from 19 to 40 inches.

TV pattern generator model GV-898+
TV pattern generator model GV-898+

The excellent price quality ratio of PROMAX Video Generators has been determining in the decision to include them in the SONY manufacturing lines. Their remote control capability makes them versatile when integrated in automatic test processes.

The available range of generators is now extended with the new models GV-998 capable of generating Transport Stream (TS) for MPEG digital signals and the GV-999 which, in addition, allows the Transport Stream to be modulated COFDM, thus simulating a Digital Terrestrial Television channel in RF or IF such as those transmitted off air.

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