Introducing Digital Storage Oscilloscopes: OD-570/OD-580

February 2, 2004.

Digital storage oscilloscopesAt 150 MHz or 250 MHz bandwidth with Colour or Mono LCD display, are designed and built to meet the demands of a modern DSO in the main stream market today. The unmatched performance, valued plus features, user-friendly design and versatile interface make the digital storage oscilloscopes OD-570/OD-580 series a very useful equipment for most of the applications in circuit design, production test, repair service and education lab.

Circuit Design and Debug

With a 25 GS/s sampling capability, OD-570/OD-580 digital oscilloscopes series is able to capture and reconstruct waveforms at a very high resolution of 40ps. The 125k long memory of OD-570/OD-580 digital oscilloscopes series enables the observation of a transient signal in more detail than any other Sort-Memory DSO can do. The advanced trigger capability, including Pulse Width, TV Line, Event Delay and Time Delay, greatly facilitate the complicated signal tests for the performance evaluation of the products under development. The higher sampling rate, longer memory and advanced trigger make the OD-570/OD-580 series suitable for circuit design and debug.

Repair and After Service

The straightforward operation of OD-570/OD-580 series requires little knowledge from a user as for him to quickly get started with his job. At a press of the Auto-Set button, the DSO automatically adjusts its Set-Up, and displays waveforms in the manner of most convenient view. With 15 auto measurement functions and 10 measurement readings shown simultaneously, OD-570/OD-580 series easily gets your test data all on a screen at once. These features give service engineers an easy start and time-saving solution under a limited budget consideration.

Repair and After Service

Production Test and Quality Inspection

As far as the speed of production test is concerned, the Auto Set-Up Sequence and Go/NoGo features give you a fast and convenient way to perform the routine tests without tedious software programming. Under Auto Set-Up Sequence mode, the saved front panel Set-Ups in the memories could be recalled to tailor an auto test routine with user assigned test time period of each individual test step. At a push of the button, OD-570/OD-580 digital oscilloscopes series automatically goes through all the test procedures you want. The Go / NoGo mode allows you to easily create the template to monitor abnormal signals or events. The ratio of failure events to al events is also shown to give a real time statistics.

Education Lab. and Training Institution

The Built-In FFT feature of OD-570/OD-580 series provides a useful mean to convert a waveform display from time domain to frequency domain. The capability of simultaneous displays of time domain and frequency domain of a signal is especially suitable for the educational purposes. The embedded USB interface of the DSO along with USB PC software gives nearly synchronous waveform display on the DSO and PC monitor respectively. This makes the training effective and easy through sharing waveform measurement procedures and results among the instructor and the students. The on-screen Help Menu is also useful to give students an environment for Self-Study of the DSO features and operations.

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