PROMAX 50th anniversary (1963 – 2013)

May 2, 2013.

PROMAX Electronica headquarters

For half a century now, PROMAX has been on the vanguard in the design and production of test and measurement instruments.

Our success has gone beyond the imagination of our founders and over the past 50 years our products have spread to every corner of the world.

We have been supporting the deployment of changing telecommunication networks, helping in their migration to new standards. We have assisted manufacturers in producing higher quality and more efficient products. And we have been helping universities to introduce their students into new technologies.

Looking back and observing the results of our efforts encourages us to continue developing products to help  building a better society.

We would like to thank our customers for all your confidence along these years.

José Mª Clotet

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PROMAX is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement systems, broadcast and TV signal distribution equipment. Our product lines include measuring instruments for cable TV, satellite TV, broadcast, wireless and fibre optics networks, FTTH and GPON analyzers. DVB-T modulators, IP streamers or IP converters (ASI, DVB-T) are among the company’s latest developments.