PROLINK Premium: automatic measurements

November 3, 2003.

PROLINK Premium instruments may be used as data acquisition units. With a single command they can automatically analyse and memorise up to 99 channels in one outlet. This process may be repeated for up to 99 outlets or testing points.

Datalogger mode

It can also be used to perfom continuous measurements in one point of the network. Setting a time interval, from 1 second to 24 hours in between measurements, the instrument can be let in acquisition mode. This function is very useful to trace or monitor the network and to detect random-faults.

Certified and configurable reports

The measurements on the Datalogger as well as the spectrum, can be downloades to the CI-023 printer. Using the PKTools (RM-104) software, measurements may be transferred to a personal computer, for a more detailed analysis. This software is optional.

The PKTools software allows to generate certified reports direct with the content in the data acquisition memory, and hindering the results from baing altered in any way.

Certified and configurable reports

These reports may only be personalised to include the logo of the certifying company. Alternatively, it is possible to make any other type of report, graphics or statistics using a standard spread sheet.


Control and alarms software

In some applications requiring prolonged or even permanent monitoring, the Datalogger included in the instrument might not be enough. The PKWatch software can prove especially useful in such cases.

RM-204 PKWatch

PKWatch (RM-204) is an optional software that allows the user to select the channels and parameters to be traced using a very simple user-friendly menu. The program allows to stablish PASS/FAIL measuring margins and to generate alarms when the measurements do not fall within these limitss.

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