PROMAX supports DVB-T2 Lite at Mobile World Congress

February 1, 2013.

PROMAX ELECTRONICA participates in the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona February 25-28, as part of the NUCLIS CAT. T2 project.

The main objective of the project is to study and promote the benefits of using DVB-T2 technology in mobile television reception applications and the particularities of its implementation in VHF band. This is done through a modification of the DVB-T2 standard introduced in 2011 under the name of T2-Lite.

The CAT. T2 project is developed by a consortium of four companies, Abertis Telecom, Mier Comunicaciones, DualStream and PROMAX.


At the Mobile World Congress PROMAX introduces the HD RANGER+, the first field strength meter of its kind which is effectively able to receive, measure and demodulate T2-Lite signals.

Field strength meter model HD RANGER+ decoding DVB-T2 lite

T2-Lite signals are being broadcast for the duration of the exhibition using channel 22. The mux includes two PLPs.

PLP 1 is intended for mobile TV reception. It contains a SD programme with 1.5 Mbps in H.264, 16k ext, PP4, GI 1/32, 16 QAM, CR 1/2.

PLP 0 is used for UHDTV tests (Ultra High Definition TV) and requires 35 Mbps. Other configuration parameters are 16k ext, PP4, GI 1/32, 256 QAM, CR 3/4.

Please visit us at App Planet - Hall 8.1 Stand CZ.

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