PID readings with PROLINK Premium

November 3, 2003.

Video PID readingOne important information obtained on selecting a service is the Video Packet Identification (PID).

The PID is a personalised identifier for each network and each programme that is broadcasted. Its registration is regulated by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union).

The instrument also provides information on the audio PIDs.

Audios DVB

DVB Digital Channels Identifier - DCI

The result of demodulating a QPSK, QAM or COFDM digital signal is a sequence of bits so called the “Transport Stream”. These bits are structured into packets. Some of these packets transport compressed video, audio and data. Others contain the necessary information to access these contents. The NETWORK, PROVIDER and SERVICE identification tables may be constructed out of these later packets.

Network, Provider and Service information

The information contained in these 3 tables appears in a sequential way at the bottom line on the screen on measuring the Bit Error Rate or BER.

List of Services

Selecting the “List of services” function information on the services in each multiplex or channel is displayed on the screen. This is: service or programme name, the type of service (television, radio, data or mosaic) and whether the information is encrypted or free.

DVB services

Free to air channels decoder

Once one of the available services listed in “DVB services” has been selected, it may be decoded and monitored.

In addition to the image and audio, this screen shows information about the measurement of the digital signal along with the NETWORK, PROVIDER and SERVICE identifiers.

Free to air channels identifier

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