PROLINK Premium for SNG

November 3, 2003.

PROLINK Premium for SNGThe PROLINK Premium series includes a batch of improvements in spectrum analyser mode that makes it a highly useful tool in a large number of applications in telecommunications. Due to the high performance of the spectrum analyser from PROLINK Premium's series, these equipments are suitable for "Beacon" signal identification when installing VSAT systems:

High accuracy, high-speed sweep

These instruments combine the advantages of high-accuracy systems, using the “High Resolution” frequency sweep mode, with those of real time analysers, using the “Aerial alignment” sweep mode.

High frequency resolution

The adjustment of the minimum frequency range or Span on screen has been reduced to 4 MHz in satellite band and 8 MHz in terrestrial band. Using a measurement resolution filter of 50 kHz it is possible to perfectly view signals that were not even possible to detect until now with this type of equipment. For example, in SNG applications for the transmission of date from mobile units, the satellite identification is through detection of "Beacon" signals at certain frequencies. These very low power signals, may be clearly observed on the screen of PROLINK Premium series instruments.

VSAT applications

High sensitivity

Another advantage of the PROLINK Premium series is its high sensitivity, which allows to measure very weak signals, even below 0 dBµV. This is an essential specification to measure the Carrier/Noise ratio (C/N) of digital signals, in accordance with the values demanded by current standards in different countries.

Flexible amplitude resolution

The PROLINK Premium series combines a wide dynamic range of 50 dB with a selectable reference level and a very flexible vertical resolution of 2/5/10 dB per division. In practice this allows to pick up signal variations on-screen that are not visible in other meters.

Flexible amplitude resolution

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