DVB-C2 available for TV EXPLORER HD+

December 1, 2012.

PROMAX launches the first worldwide field strength meter ready for DVB-C2.

DVB-C2 is the second generation digital transmission system for cable networks. It employs the most powerful coding techniques and modulation schemes so that Cable TV operators can make the most efficient use of their networks. To have an idea of the advantage of it the results of the first field tests show that DVB-C2 will allow for about 50% more digital transmission bandwidth regarding DVB-C.

It can be regarded as an evolution of DVB-C but also as an adaptation of DVB-T2 to the needs of Cable TV networks. DVB-C2 has different modes that can use for instance 1024 QAM constellation.

Constellation diagram

It is possible to select between two guard intervals intended to fight echoes that may occur specially during transmission over long range fibre optics. As a consequence it is fundamental to have dynamic echoes measurements.

Dynamic echoes analysis

The DVB-C2 is using 4k carriers resembling a DVB-T2 signal so MER by carrier also makes a lot of sense.

The TV EXPLORER HD+ meter also offers MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video demodulation for SD and HD, Dolby Digital Plus audio and many more interesting features.

DVB-C2 is offered as a separate option for TV EXPLORER HD+.

 Field strength meter model TV EXPLORER HD+

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