BBC test transmissions in 1080p format

June 1, 2011.

The BBC has begun this spring broadcasting HD content in 1080p format. Using Freeview HD platform and the new DVB-T2 modulation schemes some BBC HD transmissions have now combined 1080i and 1080p video. The switching between the two is done on the GOP (Group Of Pictures) signalisation so if a receiver is compatible the switching can be made seamlessly.

DVB-T2 measurements screen on a TV EXPLORER HD+
DVB-T2 video demodulation on a TV EXPLORER HD+

Being a pioneering test it is not exempt from technical problems. Some viewers have reported compatibility issues on their brand new TVs.

Field strength meter model TV EXPLORER HD+ is not only equipped with the latest generation of DVB-T2 demodulators but also compatible with these new 1080p transmissions.

Technicians using the field strength meter
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