2 years of experience in DVB-T2 go a long way

May 2, 2011.

Much has happened since two years ago when we started the development of our measurement system for DVB-T2 to go on the TV EXPLORER HD+ range.

We have lived the launch of commercial services based on this technology in England or Finland and experimental broadcasts in a variety of countries ranging from Germany to Singapore or Ukraine. We attended as privileged observers to the deployment of the first transmitters and the genesis of new problems associated with T2 in both MFN and SFN networks.

The operators have relied heavily on our products to deploy their broadcast networks and as a result of our partnership new features come to life that everyone will be able to enjoy now.  Two years go far indeed.

The digital power measurement the way it should be

There are mainly two ways to measure digital channel power, by integration and extrapolation. Most meters do it by extrapolation, but the results obtained in this way are not satisfactory in some cases. A clear example is the presence of strong echoes as shown in the picture. Our TV EXPLORER HD+ meters can perform the digital channel power measurement by extrapolation as well as by integration.

Digital channel power measurement in a DVB-T2 channel with strong echoes presence
Digital channel power measurement
in a DVB-T2 channel
with strong echoes presence.
Digital channel power measurement in a DVB-T2 channel
Digital channel power measurement
in a DVB-T2 channel.

The measurements in the two pictures above are made by integration and show different readings. That's the way it should be but if these measurements were made by extrapolation the readings obtained would have been the same and that would be incorrect.

More than meets the eye

DVB-T2 parameters output from TV EXPLORER HD+ analyser in Microsoft Excel format
DVB-T2 parameters output from TV EXPLORER HD+ field strength meter in Microsoft Excel format

In DVB-T2 there is a huge number of parameters that can be configured, more than those that are common in DVB-T.

That is why TV EXPLORER HD+ meters have a special feature that allows you to read and store them automatically in a file that may be used later on.

In the left image we can see the DVB-T2 parameters imported into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

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