April 1, 2011.

Automatic measurements: Datalogger

Run a datalogger

The process is simple, just run the application and the instrument takes all the measurements.

When running the datalogger, the TV EXPLORER HD+ starts a sweep of all the channels in the active channel plan and stores all the measurements: channel power, carrier/noise, BER, MER, etc.

Datalogger function taking automatic measurements
Datalogger taking automatic measurements

One Logger, several Test points

Every acquisition becomes in fact a Test Point inside a Logger and both the Logger and the Test Point can be personalised.

For instance, the Logger can be given the name of the site, building or installation and the Test Point, the specific place where test is made, for instance bedroom, kitchen, etc.

View all channels on a Test Point

All the data previously acquired can be checked using the view datalogger. If the cursor is set over the channel, you can view the measurements of all channels on the present Test Point.

This function is very useful to check the channel equalisation.

Field strength meter with datalogger
Test Point “ROOM 1”: Measurements for Channel 61, 62, 64...

View one channel in each Test Point

If the cursor is set over the Test Point when turning the encoder you can view the measurement of the present channel in all the test points. This function is specially useful to check the signal drop along the system.

Field strength meter with datalogger
Channel 61: Measurements at test point “ROOM 1”, “ROOM 2”, “ROOM 3”...
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