Spectrum analyser

April 1, 2011.

Spectrum analyser: Direct keys, more intuitive

Field strength meter with shorcut keys

The TV EXPLORER HD+ presents an innovative spectrum analyser. Four arrows control completely the system making it very intuitive.

The “UP-DOWN” arrows set the reference level, so that when pressing the “UP” arrow reference level is increased by 5 or 10 dB. When pressing the “DOWN” arrow, the reference level is reduced by 5 or 10 dB allowing to check signals of lower level.

The “LEFT-RIGHT” arrows allow to select the span or expansion, so that when “RIGHT” is pressed the margin of frequencies in display can be increased up to full span and when “LEFT” is pressed the zone around the cursor can be analysed with more detail.

On the TV EXPLORER HD+ the measuring filters are variable and selected automatically depending on the span used.

Spectrum analyser
By pressing UP key twice, the instrument sets the reference level
from 60 to 80 dBµV
Spectrum analyser
By pressing LEFT key twice, the instrument sets the SPAN
from 50 to 16 MHz
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