January 2, 2003.

TV cable proof of performanceEvery day more often there is a need for testing the television cables installed into new buildings well before any TV signal is available. The installer has the responsibility to test the cable or a more complex TV distribution system and proof that it will work up to the standards when the real signals come into place later on. A PROLINK Premium and a RP-050 are just what the installer needs for this purpose.

RP-050, signal generatorThe RP-050 is a low cost signal generator designed specifically to test IF satellite distribution systems. It generates 4 frequencys, three of them in the satellite IF band and one in the IHF. The frequencies are precisely 537.5 MHz / 1,075 MHz / 1,612.5 MHz / 2,150 MHz. Two output levels are available: 90 dBµV in “LOW” mode and 105 dBµV in “HI” mode.

It can also detect 12 / 18 V and the 22 kHz signal. The generator can be supplied through the RF output or from an external DC source.

The PROLINK Premium meters have a function (SAT IF TEST) which automatically stores the exact levels for each carrier at the Headend and reads the value of attenuation calibraed at each frequency.


Esta función elimina la necesidad de cálculos manuales por dispersión en el nivel de cada portadora o reajustes de sintonía en caso de derivas de los osciladores.

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