November 1, 2002.
Cable TV Analyser

The most compact Cable TV Analyser available in today's market can now offer CONSTELLATION. The constellation diagram appears in the display together with other important measurements such as BER or MER.

The PROMAX-10 is a multipurpose CATV Analyser ideal for all size MSO's and contractors. It allows installation, verification and maintenance of digital cable video as well as analogue and cable modems.

The cable technicians can now test all type of systems with a single instrument. The PROMAX-10 analyses digital video and data signals both 6 MHz and 8 MHz. Supports DOCSIS and EURODOCSIS in the forward channel thus being ideal in multi-system networks. In the return band and thanks to the 'Maximum Hold' Spectrum Mode it can perform ingress checks with easy.

Return path

The instrument includes all the rest of features usual for the measurement of QAM ITU J1 annex A/B/C (16/32/64/128/256) digital channels, such as channel power and Carrier to Noise. It does also includes measurement of analogue signals, spectrum analyser, data logger, etc.

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