PROMAX launches the first worldwide field meter ready for DVB-T2

June 1, 2010.

The PROMAX field strength meters TV EXPLORER family reaffirms its leadership taking a new step forward with the TV EXPLORER HD+, the only portable field strength meter ready for the new digital terrestrial television standard for second generation (DVB-T2).

The TV EXPLORER HD+ is presented as the most complete field strength meter in the market, fully prepared for high definition and able to support all code-rates, bandwidths and constellations of the DVB-T2 standard, including the new rotated constellations, so it can analyse and demodulate all variants of DVB (DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S and DVB-S2).

Field strength meter model TV EXPLORER HD+
Field strength meter model TV EXPLORER HD+

Like all members of the TV EXPLORER family, the new field meter stands out for its perfect combination of performance, ergonomics, autonomy and reduced size and weight. Not forgetting, above all, its ease of use, thanks to its iconographic keyboard, which gives direct access to most of the functions in a very intuitive way.

The TV EXPLORER HD+ is the first field meter approved by Dolby Laboratories to decode Dolby Digital Plus, one of the most used audio formats in HD. This certification, combined with the rest of audio systems that the equipment supports, gives it the ability to decode all sound formats used in high definition.

To resolve the problems associated with multi-path reception, the TV EXPLORER HD+ includes the impulse response function, which allows it to analyse in detail pre-echoes and echoes with the precision required by network operators.

The TV EXPLORER HD+ also incorporates a real-time clock, so measurements, records and screenshots can be stored with date and time. This feature ensures keeping order in the records, facilitating further consultation.

With the TV EXPLORER HD+ field strength meter, both operators, equipment manufacturers and government agencies will have a unique tool to facilitate the development of DVB-T2 networks. In fact, PROMAX actively contributes on DVB-T2 pioneering projects, equipping operators who are deploying the first commercial second-generation networks.

With the TV EXPLORER HD+, PROMAX consolidates its commitment to provide the most advanced equipments in the market, a feature that distinguishes the products of our firm, which is the result of its strong commitment to R + D + i for almost half a century.

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