Long operation time option for PROLINK-3+

January 2, 2002.

ROLINK-3+ field strength meterThe PROLINK-3 family was designed as a range of analyzers destinated to the evaluation of radio, television and data signal quality. The four options available includes any necessities we can find, but they have an aspect in common: the versatility, precision and rugged of its structure of low weight and dimensions. So, the PROLINK-3 are portable instruments provided to the user with a bag to carry it easily and work efficiently.

Necessities have changed since the PROLINK-3 was created, because the services have increased and the professional needs to use the instrument for a period longer than before which makes the batteries in most cases insufficient. For that, in PROMAX we have taken advantage of the new Li-ion battery technologies and now we present a new package of batteries to increase the autonomy of the instrument up to 4 hours (TV mode) or 2 hours (Satellite mode).

Besides to offer a prolonged operating time, the new batteries have reduced their weight. Finally, the most important advantage: a faster charging time. Now, only 2 ½ hours are needed to achieve the 80% of the charge, enough time to chargue the equipment during journeys to and from working sites through the lighter of installer’s car.

For your comfort, you can order the new instruments with these long-life batteries incorporated. Of course, field units can be upgraded at any time.

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