PROMAX obtained FRANSAT PRO certification for its Digital To TV headend

April 1, 2010.

FRANSAT PRO is the solution offered by EUTELSAT to cover shadow areas during DTT deployment in France. DTT channels are transmitted via satellite and through the headend developed by PROMAX in close collaboration with the French operator, these channels are converted back to COFDM to distribute them in communities.

Television signal distribution

With PROMAX headend, FRANSAT PRO puts at the disposal of all French metropolitan area residents, the possibility to receive, through the satellite Eutelsat (Atlantic Bird 3 - 5 ° West), the same programs broadcasted through the DTT network, including the high definition programs, without any type of quota or commitment.

All encrypted programs are decrypted and converted from digital satellite QPSK to COFDM terrestrial digital, allowing the distribution of the whole grid of the original DTT programs. Thus, all citizens can access to all DTT services, using any type of equipment available in the market, such a TV with integrated digital tuner or DVB-T using an adapter.

DTTV digital television headendThis solution is mainly designed to distribute DTT in buildings, communities (hotels, residences, hospitals...) and cable networks that are in areas with no coverage or lack of some digital terrestrial television services. By this way all users enjoy the same services than the digital terrestrial reception but directly to their TVs, without buying any additional device or card reader.

The Digital To TV headend is able to repair certain tables and some data from the transport stream, thus it is granted that the whole fleet of receivers can receive all services and additional features like the electronic program guide (EPG) and the LCN function, under the same conditions as the rest of the population that receives the signal via the terrestrial network.

FRANSAT PRO service access is done through a professional pack, consisting of a DTTV headend that is fully assembled and pre-configured with CAM modules and FRANSAT PRO cards installed. The only parameter the installer must configure is the output channels. Could not be easier!

PROMAX provides various service packs to FRANSAT PRO, so you can choose the option that best suits the needs.

Packs proposed by PROMAX are scalable, so the headend may evolve in the future for other services broadcasted by the same satellite.

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