PROLITE-105: FTTH Triple Laser Source

April 1, 2010.

The PROLITE-105 features three independent laser lights that emit at wavelengths 1.310, 1.490 and 1.550 nm. In combination with the FTTX-xPON Optical Power Meter (PROLITE-65) allows certificating FTTH optical networks.

Wavelength are activated by means of shortcut keys, with the possibility of generating a continuous or modulated signal. Pressing another key you active the sequential mode, in this mode wavelengths are emitted successively.

Optical power of each calibrated wavelength
In sequential mode the equipment transmits active wavelengths sequentially

Modulation: This feature allows you to modulate each wavelength with a different frequency, so the power meter identifies each wavelength automatically.

Sequential Mode: This feature, combined with the modulation, it allows you to check the whole installation and minimize the chance of mistakes.

The PROLITE-105 working with the PROLITE-65, can determine the optical power of each wavelength and therefore the losses of the installation.
PROLITE-105 working together with PROLITE-65
All measures of the optical network can be done by a single operator: After connecting the PROLITE-105 to the optical network and then activating the sequential mode, the operator can move to another end of the network and use the PROLITE-65 to determine the losses of the network.

Stabilized Optical Output: It ensures the maximum accuracy in the measurements made with the optical power meter.

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