PROMAX in the Media Facility project

April 1, 2010.

Spanish Plan Avanza2

This new project led by INDRA under the Avanza I+D program is designed to develop an infrastructure for interconnecting the various laboratories of digital TV, physically distributed in different locations, so the laboratories can be used as a single one by any member of the broadcasting research community. The project also involves I3 Television, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Universidad del País Vasco.

Through this global laboratory the operators who manage broadcast networks will be able to compile RF parameters (Level, MER, impulse response ...) from ICT facilities located in difficult areas and in overlapped coverage areas of SFN networks. These measures will be very important in order the operators optimise the coverage.

PROMAX's experience with IP technology, like its Digital To TV (DTTV) digital television headend that converts encapsulated IP signals into DVB-T signals or vice versa, and the knowledge gained in the development of remote management systems, like its recognized telecontrol and monitoring PROWATCH TELMO and PROWATCH DEIDE 3 systems, will be a key factor in developing the project.

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PROMAX is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement systems, broadcast and TV signal distribution equipment. Our product lines include measuring instruments for cable TV, satellite TV, broadcast, wireless and fibre optics networks, FTTH and GPON analyzers. DVB-T modulators, IP streamers or IP converters (ASI, DVB-T) are among the company’s latest developments.