Instrumentation to install FTTH

April 1, 2010.

The incorporation of new ultra-fast access infrastructures means that the fibre optics it is arriving to every home (FTTH). This new context requires equipments, which were able to certify that the fibre optics installed by the homebuilder is ready to use by the operators.


As the fibre optics is still a new technology for most of the installers, PROMAX presents a new generation of instruments easy to use and lightweight. Installers who are used to other technologies can use them very easily as they show results in a very understandable format.

FTTH ready
Equipos para FTTH tamaño bolsillo
  • Small, compact, lightweight and very robust.
  • Designed to operate on site; resistant to adverse conditions, dust, humidity, lack of space, poor lighting...
  • Easy to use, any person, even with basic skills, can perform the same operations as an expert.
  • Intuitive interface, only 5 / 6 buttons for quick and efficient checking on the network.
  • Results clearly displayed on the Optical Power Meter, and easy to understand: Pass or Fail.
Results in a very understandable format
Results in a very understandable format
Large screen
Large screen
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