NetUpdate3: Your TV EXPLORER always up-to-date ... and much more

December 1, 2009.
  • NetUpdate3 is free
  • For all the equipments of the TV EXPLORER family
  • New GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Intuitive use
  • PkTools Software Integration

With the NetUpdate3 you will:

Update your TV EXPLORER firmware in a very simple way

NetUpdate3 detects any TV EXPLORER connected to the PC
NetUpdate3 detects any TV EXPLORER connected to the PC and automatically checks if a newer firmware version is available.
An automatic process is started
If NetUpdate3 finds a new version, it suggests installing it. If yes, it starts automatically to update the TV EXPLORER. After updating, it reports the user on the latest features.
NetUpdate3 regularly perfoms an automatic check
NetUpdate3 regularly performs an automatic check for latest firmware versions on the server even if the TV EXPLORER is not connected. Every time it finds a new version it pops-up an informative window on the PC screen.

NetUpdate 3

Updating and managing resources, data transfering and backups

Updating and managing resources

Step 1
At the Server window you can see all the files about the available resources
at the PROMAX server, such as the channel plans for satellites, skins...
Simply drag the resource file to the PC window.
Step 2
At the PC window you can see the files stored on your computer. Simply
drag the files you want to transfer to your TV EXPLORER to the Equipment window.
Step 3
At the Equipment window you see the resources files stored on
your TV EXPLORER. Simply drag the files you want to copy on your computer
to the PC window. You can also transfer screenshots, video clips, data...
or backups of the TV EXPLORER resources.

Transfer the screenshots and measurements stored on the TV EXPLORER to your PC:

Transfer the screens and measurements to your PC

Transfer the video clips recorded on the TV EXPLORER to your PC:

Transfer the video clips to PC
Some models of the TV EXPLORER family are equipped with an internal memory for the exclusive use of the client. In addition to record video clips, the user can also store measurement screens, constellation diagrams, spectrums...

Advanced Utilities (PkTools Integrated)

Advanced utilities

Channel plan editorChannel Plan Edition
To create personal channel plans or modify the existing ones.

ReportsView, save and print reports
It can generate automatically measurement reports from data acquisitions, under different legal regulations.

You can see measurements made by your TV EXPLORER on real-time at your computer screen.

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