Digital To TV: HDTV DVB-S2 receiver for your Cable TV system

November 3, 2008.

Adding HDTV channels to your Cable TV network using DT-302 is easy and cost-effective. Most of the HDTV content available nowadays is coming from satellite. Because of the higher bit rate of the high definition TV programmes this type of services are normally allocated in satellite transponders using 8PSK modulation (DVB-S2).

The DT-302 dual DVB-S2 receivers have TS-ASI output so you can have full flexibility to interface with modulators you may already have in your Cable TV system.

Delivering DVB-S2 in TS-ASI format
How the DT-302 can deliver DVB-S2 channels
in TS-ASI format.

Thanks to the CAM interface available in the dual DVB-S2 receiver DT-302 it is also possible to decrypt the HDTV channels right at the headend.

More information about this option and other functions of the Digital To TV distribution headend solution is available by clicking here.

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