November 1, 2002.

The QAM constellation diagram is now available as an option for the most advanced TV & Satellite Analyser in today’s market, the PROLINK-4 Premium.

OP-004-K: QAM constellation for PROLINK-4

The constellation diagram is the result of combining I and Q signals resulting from the QAM digital demodulation. It is very useful to identify some type of problems present in the digital signal which are otherwise difficult to observe.

OP-004-K: QAM constellation for PROLINK-4OP-004-K: QAM constellation for PROLINK-4OP-004-K: QAM constellation for PROLINK-4

Some of those problems include noise, phase jitter, compression, IQ level unbalance, presence of interfering signals, etc... Various signal impairments can be seen only on a zoomed constellation display. PROLINK-4 Premium offers that function too.

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