MO-170 DVB-T modulator. New applications every day

March 1, 2007.

We are proud to say that we have found great market acceptance with this product. Customers appreciate the price to performance ratio of our DVB-T modulator and also and very important the support they obtain from PROMAX sales and customer support personnel as opposite to the normal situation found with broadcast market suppliers.

The product was originally designed to be part of a DVB-T test system where the main purpose was to simulate in the lab a normal digital terrestrial television broadcast signal under controlled operating conditions.

Since we started production in spring this year we have learned new applications everyday sometimes distant from the original working scenario.

STB and IDTV test system

STB and iDTV test bench system

Testing of Set Top Boxes and Integrated Digital TV's is more demanding as the number of supported services grows.

Featured in the pictures is a DTT channel simulator to test how STB's respond in a real MHP (Multi Home Platform) environment beyond the pure typical RF tests.

Signal distribution

Signal distributionHotels, ships, congress centres, etc... are only some of the applications that can incorporate the affordable cost of our modulator to the signal distribution bill and benefit from signal quality and spectral efficiency.

The upcoming switch off for analogue transmitters together with the drift towards production of flat screen iDTV televisions is a challenge to quality of signal distribution systems. Using COFDM is a way to use the DTT receiver, most probably integrated in the flat screens already, to improve picture quality. Note that even small impairments of the analogue signal are magnified on large plasma or TFT screens.

In terms of spectral efficiency you can use the bandwidth of a single analogue TV channel to fit minimum four programs of equivalent video quality. MO-170 can be used in VHF or UHF bands so the options are great.

MMDS transmitters

MMDS transmitters

A COFDM modulator can be an important part of many RF systems. That would be the case of modern digital MMDS transmitters for example. MO-170 accepts TS through ASI or SPI interfaces. Signal is then modulated into IF at 36 MHz and later on to RF anywhere in the VHF and UHF bands.

COFDM modulator

IF or RF outputs can be further processed in RF to obtain any output frequency, i.e. 2.4 GHz, suitable for the MMDS application.

We'd like to point out that we are also interested and we have already marketed the COFDM modulator as an isolated module to OEM transmitter producers.

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