Options for MO-170 COFDM Modulator

June 1, 2007.

MO-170 COFDM modulatorWe have recently presented new options for the MO-170 COFDM modulator that are worth mentioning. They expand even more the potential of this product in various markets and applications.

OP-170-H Compatibility with DVB-H

DVB-H is defined mostly for mobile digital TV reception. The most important differences with the normal DVB-T are among others:

  • It accepts IP encapsulated packets in the Transport Stream.
  • It can be used with 4K carriers as a trade off between capacity and tolerance to multipath reception.
  • It can be broadcast in 5, 6, 7 and 8 MHz bandwidth channels

With this option we can now test DVB-T as well as DVB-H receivers with one single test generator.

OP-170-P Output power of 6 dBm

The standard version of the MO-170 has an output power of 0 dBm in IF and -30 dBm in RF. For those applications that require more output power this option offers +6 dBm in RF. IF remains at 0 dBm for that is quite a standard value.

Having more RF output power is not only useful for test purposes but it is also very interesting when the MO-170 COFDM modulator is used as part of a signal distribution network.

OP-170-E Noise and echoes generator

Thanks to this option we can add noise, echoes or simulate multipath static reception or doppler effect on a standard DVB-T channel.

This is the ideal option for a STB and iDTV test bench for it allows you to simulate a large number of broadcast conditions without leaving your lab.

OP-170-S SNMP Control

It is very useful when MO-170 is used to form a complex test or signal distribution system to have the possibility to use one single control protocol for all the equipment involved. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is nowadays a standard in this type of applications.

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