Auto identification: The magic key!

September 3, 2007.

Auto identification: The magic key!

Field strength meter with auto identificationThe TV EXPLORER has been specially designed to satisfy the measurement needs in terrestrial, satellite and cable TV during the transition period to the analog switch off. For this reason it is equipped with functions to measure both analog and digital signals.

When pressing the “explorer” key briefly, it identifies the signal under test. First it recognises whether the channel is analog or digital.

If the channel is analog, it determines the television standard of the signal (PAL/SECAM/NTSC).

Auto ID screenWhen the signal is digital, it analyses the modulation type: QAM / QPSK / 8PSK (*) / COFDM (European Zone models) and all the associated parameters such as the system, the symbol rate, the code rate, etc and it tries to lock the signal.

In this way, the TV EXPLORER becomes a fully automatic and agile instrument, able to detect and to identify all of the channels in a television system. When the conditions of the signal to be identified are too poor, the equipment allows to use the manual configuration.

(*) Depending on model

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