Small and light

September 3, 2007.

Small and light: In the palm of your hands

Small and light field strength meter

The TV EXPLORER has changed the concept for this type of product. It is easier to use, has advanced functions and… it is small.

It has an amazing shape factor, making compatible a very large display area with a really small size. It fits within the palm of your hands.

The TV EXPLORER is been designed for outside use. The classic PROMAX strong aluminium construction and an original anti-shock rubber cover, ensures highest protection to your investment. Depending on the model, it weights 2 - 2.2 kg (5 lbs).

The front panel is been designed with flat keys that avoid accidental water ingress.

The instrument comes with a strap to hang it to the neck or to fasten it around the waist. In this way, both hands are free to take the measurements, make adjustments, etc.

It can also be used within the carrying bag that protects the instrument from the weather conditions. A transparent plastic cover allows the operation of the keyboard even under the light rain.

The TV EXPLORER II and TV EXPLORER II+are delivered with a heavy duty transport case.

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