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February 1, 2007.

Cell phoneAt the 3GSM exhibition in Barcelona, PROMAX introduced its new products for DVB-H. The Digital Video Broadcasting - Handheld is a new standard based in an IP platform focus on mobile terminals. The system combines the advanced video and audio compression systems with the DVB-T transmission, this is to say the Digital Terrestrial Television standard DTT.

In our stand we have presented a new system for generation and recording of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 streams, DVB-H modulators and measuring equipment for the transmission and test of the signal quality.

The DVB-H modulators accept transport streams with encapsulated IP packets and 8, 7, 6 and 5 MHz bandwidths for both MFN and SFN networks.

DVB-H digital modulators from PROMAX
DVB-H digital modulators from PROMAX

Solutions for the monitoring and mapping are also possible.

The DVB-H is totally compatible with DVB-T but, in addition it has some features to optimise the use in mobile environments with low consumption handheld receivers. Like DVB-T, the DVB-H uses 8,7 and 6 MHz channels, but also shows 5 MHz bandwidth. The main differences with DVB-T are:

  • Low consumption
    The concept of Time-Slicing is introduced to reduce the consumption of the terminals and allow the use of the technology in portable devices. This system allows the unit to stand by for most of the time, allowing a drastic reduction on the consumption.
  • Handover
    During the Time-Slicing period, the receiver can scan other frequencies and switch to another source (handover) when the best signal reaching the terminal changes.
  • Improvement of reception
    Due to the small size of the antenna implemented in the small portable terminals using these standards, there is an additional error correction system MPE-FEC (Multi Protocol Encapsulation/Forward Error Correction).
  • 4k modulation
    This modulation mode is composed of 4096 QAM carriers. This mode represents the best compromise between quality of reception in movement and size of the network.
3GSM Barcelona
3GSM Barcelona. February 12 - 15
Hall 2 Level 1, Stand 2.1 D59
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