Preparing the process

July 3, 2006.

As indicated earlier, a field strength meter such as TV Explorer is also required to make the tests.

Using these two devices is very easy to check the frequency response of the satellite and terrestrial TV installation within hotels, apartments, houses, etc... A schematic diagram of the different possible connections is shown below.

At the beginning a calibration with the TV Explorer must be performed. For this purpose the RP-080 signal generator must be connected directly to the TV Explorer. The RP-080 will be powered through the TV Explorer's RF input using the mast head amplifier or LNB supply voltage from the analyser.

Users will find the ATTENUATION TEST (if we are in terrestrial band) or IF TEST (if we are in satellite) under the UTILITY menu.

Once we access this function the TV Explorer will offer us the option to CALIBRATE. The system will then compensate all the cable and connector loses and will set the corresponding attenuation values for the available frequencies to zero.

Checking a TV SAT - UHF installation
Checking a TV SAT - UHF installation
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