Large colour LCD

March 1, 2006.

TV Explorer hight quality 5" TFT-LCD displayThe EXPLORER incorporates a high quality 5" TFT- LCD display.

In the past, colour LCDs have not been recommended by us due to their low resolution, the low contrast & brightness that made it very difficult to use on sunlight conditions and the limited temperature range.

Nowadays, the technology is been improved and the characteristics of this particular LCD (320 candels per square centimeter) warrants excellent resolution and an amazing contrast and brightness that makes it now recommendable for outside use and more suitable than monochrome CRTs. The temperature range for this industrial model, is also been extended, allowing both the use at high and low temperatures. Though the instrument is protected with an automatic switch-off system, the internal fan allows to use the instrument even at high temperatures of 40º C/ 104 ºF.

Automatic LCD adjusting for direct sunlight and bad illumination conditions
Automatic LCD adjusting for direct sunlight and bad illumination conditions.

TV Explorer light sensorThe instrument includes a light sensor that activates the contrast and luminosity of the display according to the environmental conditions. This feature helps to save batteries at the same time.

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