Small and Light

March 1, 2006.
TV Explorer

The EXPLORER has changed many concepts for this type of product: easier to use, many functions and… small. It has an ideal size to fit within the palm of your hands.

Weight is also optimised. The instrument weights less than 2 kg (4.5 lbs) with batteries, this is less than half from any other similar model.

TV Explorer anti-shock

PROMAX's original anti-shock cover protects the instrument and makes it most suitable for outside use.

As usual with PROMAX equipment, the front panel is been designed with keys that avoid accidental water ingress.

TV Explorer carrying bag

The instrument is delivered with a carrying bag that protects it from the weather conditions. A transparent plastic cover allows the operation of the keyboard even under the light rain.

The carrying bag has a strap to allow instrument to be used hanging from the neck or hold to the waist for even more comfort. Both hands are free to hold or adjust any device while reading the measurements in a large 5", high resolution, high brightness LCD display.

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