March 1, 2006.

Since its launch last year, the TV EXPLORER has become the industry's standard instrument. It combines very reduced dimensions with an impressive data processing capacity, making measurements in a way that are most transparent to the user. PROMAX pioneered and perfected the principal of providing an easy method of performing, collecting and collating literally thousands of signal measurements. The Datalogger function is been used in all the PROLINK Premium series instruments and now it is been made available to the TV EXPLORER as well.

Installers are required to collect a lot of data to provide their customers or supervisors with reports. PROMAX has promoted since many years the outbox idea, so that measurements are acquired in the field and then transferred to the computer.

Start a datalogger

With this new function, the TV Explorer not only becomes an instrument capable of automatically EXPLORE the band and IDENTIFY the signals (see Explorer: one key and go!), but it can also measure all the parameters that determines the signal quality such as signal level, channel power, carrier/noise, BER, MER, etc and store them. The datalogger is accessible from the utility menu and it mostly works on its on. You press the key, wait and all the data will be collected.

Start a datalogger


Every acquisition becomes in fact a Test Point inside a LOGGER and both the LOGGER and the TEST POINT can be personalised.

For instance, the LOGGER can be given the name of the site, building or installation and the TEST POINT, the specific place where test is make, for instance bedroom, Kitchen, etc.

View ALL CHANNELS on a Test Point or ONE CHANNEL in each Test Point?

Data stored is all the data related to the signal either analogue or digital. Then data can be viewed and easily revised with the VIEW DATALOGGER.

If the cursor is set over the CHANNEL, when turning the encoder you can VIEW the measurements of all channels on the actual TEST POINT.

Test points

If the cursor is set over the TEST POINT when turning the encoder you can VIEW the measurements of the actual channel in all the test points. This function is specially useful to check the signal drop along the system.

Test points

Measurements reports

The PKTools software will allow the to download data to a PC to generate files and reports. This will be possible from now for the datalogger function can be incorporated to all instruments on the field.

Measurements reports
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