Museum of PROMAX equipment

  • TV pattern generator (1964)

    1964 - TV pattern generator

    PROMAX presented the MD-375, the first television signal generator. In 1956 Televisión Española started television broadcast in Spain. During the first few years, the short broadcasting schedule, combined with the low quality of the transmissions and television sets, created a proliferation of technical services and the need for an instrument which could provide a master signal.

  • Oscilloscope (1965)

    1965 - Oscilloscope

    Among our laboratory instruments, we would like to mention this first oscilloscope, the SO-13. Years later, our range of oscilloscopes included a wide range of models for a variety of applications, creating one of the strongest options in Europe. In the early 80s, we designed a range of digital oscilloscopes.

  • Field strength meter (1967)

    1967 - Field strength meter

    Television gradually became established throughout the country. At first, VHF transmissions were restricted to a radius of 60 km around Madrid, taking a further 3 years to reach Barcelona. During the 60s, it was spread throughout the country. Televisión Española's second channel started broadcasting in the UHF band in 1965. The need for an instrument that could be used for the installation and verification of aerials and reception systems was arising. PROMAX launched the SF-721.

  • Educational trainers (1979)

    1979 - Educational trainers

    Educational instruments division was the result of our close commercial relationships with universities and technical schools. Work here was closely tied to the study plans of universities and technical schools in order to provide the educational material required by a variety of disciplines. Design work was begun on the MI-650B Microprocessor Trainer, based on the 6502 which appeared in 1975.

  • New installations (1981)

    1981 - New installations

    Employing a staff of 50 people, the Company moved to the Barcelona industrial belt.

  • Logic analyser (1982)

    1982 - Logic analyser

    Microprocessor applications began to spread throughout industry in the early eighties. At PROMAX we were well aware of the need to use microprocessors as control units in processes and devices, and the need to create an instrument which would aid in the design of these systems. The AL-1610 logic analyser was the first result of this foresight. The use of microprocessors as control units soon spread to other instruments and was applied to impedance meters, digital oscilloscopes, etc., marking a very important turning point in instrument design. PROMAX created a digital electronics department.

  • Satellite signal meter (1986)

    1986 - Satellite signal meter

    Just at the start of the first commercial satellite television broadcasts, PROMAX launched the MS-850 which became the first level meter for these systems.

  • Spectrum analysers (1989)

    1989 - Spectrum analysers

    In the face of the increased use of telecommunications on various fronts, the need for a low-cost, portable spectrum analyser became evident. The first inexpensive, 1 GHz analyser was presented, the AE-476.

  • SMD assembly (1992)

    1992 - SMD assembly

    The Company invested in new automatic assembly machines and all the new designs were created in this technology, thereby optimising instrument size and weight.

  • Innovation award (1995)

    1995 - Innovation award

    The first prize for technological research awarded in Spain.

  • Modular field meter (1996)

    1996 - Modular field meter

    Presentation of the first modular field meter, the PROLINK-7, designed to support the transfer of analogue television to the new digital television standards. This idea was subsequently imitated by the competition.

  • Creation of PROMAX Deutschland GmbH (1997)

    1997 - Creation of PROMAX Deutschland GmbH

    The creation of PROMAX Deutschland GmbH for the marketing in the German market.

  • Terrestrial digital television (1998)

    1998 - Terrestrial digital television

    The result of joint research with various work groups, including the Spanish TDT implementation project, saw the launch of the PROLINK-3 analyser, the first instrument capable of taking measurements in these types of systems.

  • EUREKA project (1999)

    1999 - EUREKA project

    Presentation of the first European development project led by PROMAX for the creation of fibre optics meters, leading to the PROLITE range.

  • New installations (2000)

    2000 - New installations

    Riding on the information technology boom, PROMAX inaugurated new installations, tripling the floor-space devoted to research and development.

  • ISO 9001 (2001)

    2001 - ISO 9001

    The quality certification was obtained thereby confirming the high standards of Company processes.

  • New patents (2002)

    2002 - New patents

    Two new patents augmented the Company's intellectual capital.

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