Manufacturing services

Manufacturing services

Nobody better than PROMAX to realice your designs. Your electronic circuits made in a SMD plant with class 10,000 Clean Room by a European company leader in the sector of the professional electronics.

SMD assembling in clean room or White room

PROMAX is a registered ISO-9001: 2000 company. We offer to our clients the design, manufacture and also the test of printed circuit boards. We develope your projects with CAD/CAM design technology, assembly of SMD electronic components down to 0201 " and exhaustive optical and in-circuit tests that warrant the highest posible quality of production.

There is a continuous evolution towards integration of smaller components such as BGAs, fine-pitch, 0201 … In these cases a simple speck of dust in a weld can cause a defective printed circuit board. In order to avoid these risks, it is a must to produce in a clean room under controlled pressure, temperature and humidity conditions and with strict norms to warrant the cleanness of the environment.

  • Conductive soil to avoid sparks.
  • Production according to EU 2002/95.
  • The personnel must dress special clothes and conductive shoes.
  • Automatic control of temperature, humidity and particles in suspension.
  • Pressurized air to guarantee the isolation from external air.
  • 9 independent control stages oven that diminishes the thermal stress of the components.
  • Optical printed circuit board and electronic in-circuit test.
  • Computer controlled stock of components.
  • The components are stored in an automated closet within the clean room.

Need more information?

If you would like to turn your Project into a product, do not hesítate to contact PROMAX to carry out the implementation. Senda n email to the to the customer atention center:

Contact with PROMAX.

Picture gallery

These are some of the pictures in the clean room:

Computerised automated closet.
Computerised automated closet.
SMD assembling plant.
SMD assembling plant.
A printed circuit board ready to be welded.
A printed circuit board ready to be welded.
9 stages oven for PCB welding.
9 stages oven for PCB welding.
Optical Quality Control.
Optical Quality Control.

Contact PROMAX

PROMAX Electronica S. L.
C. Francesc Moragas, 71
08907 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (España)

Tel: (+34) 931 847 700
UK: (+44) 01727 832266
France: (+33) 06 62 81 20 00
Deutschland: (+49) 0 62 55 - 20 42

Fax: (+34) 933 381 126
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