PROLITE-77B: FTTH Analyser

FTTH Analyser: PROLITE-77B

The PROLITE-77 is an instrument optimized for analysis, installation and maintenance of fibre optics networks based on GPON architecture (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networkit), that is, networks based on technology FTTX / PON, that provide speed over 1 Gbps. The instrument provides filtered measurements, individualized and simultaneous for the three wavelengths that are used in fibres (1490 and 1550 nm for Downstream and 1310 nm for Upstream). It provides quick access to all options of the instrument by means of a straightforward graphical interface very easy-to-use.

The PROLITE-77 provides a Visible Fault Locator that emits a laser light that is helpful, for example to identify a particular fibre, the location of breaks or cuts, macrobendings, damaged or dirty connectors... Any mistake or problem at the installation is identified efficiently with this function.

Optionally, a Spectrum Analyser module for Band C is available (OP-077-S option). It is designed specially for ITU G692 channels separated by 100 GHz (0.8 nm) in C band (1529-1564 nm).

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