EA-818: Antenna design and analysis trainer

Antenna design and analysis trainer: EA-818

The antenna design and analysis trainer EA-818 allows the study of the Propagation Pattern and Gain of antennas which includes 10 different types of antennas.

The trainer integrates a controller unit that acts as an RF signal source of 500 MHz, 2 GHz and 10 GHz that can control the direction of the antenna. In addition, an antenna simulation software is supplied to practically reproduce the pattern and characteristics of an antenna through the PC. The antenna trainer is designed for its continuous use, thus its transport and storage are easy and can be used in narrow spaces (approx. 100 m²). It allows trainees simulate real scenarios due to it consists mainly of a repeater Telecommunications antenna and a satellite dish antenna.

The EA-818 enables a high customization level of the directional and gain characteristics of the Dipole and Yagi antennas thanks to the possibility to add and move physically the elements.

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☰  Specifications 〣  Free downloads

      Frequency range
      Power range

    500 MHz, 2 GHz and 10 GHz
    10 mW (approx.)
      RF input level
      Antenna control

    From -50 dBm to -10 dBm
    From 0º to 360º (1º/step, 5º/step, 10º/step)
    EXPERIMENTAL MODULESDipole, Folded dipole, Yagi (2 u.), Monopole, Drooping, Circular loop, Square loop, Diamond loop, Spiral, Helical, Horn (2 u.), Rectangular patch, Microstrip planar array (Rectangular), Microstrip planar array (Circular)
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