Digital To TV (DTTV): DVB-T TV distribution headend

DVB-T TV distribution headend: Digital To TV (DTTV)

Digital To TV (DTTV) is a TV distribution headend with DVB-T (DTT) output. The Digital To TV system converts any analogue or digital video source to DVB-T with a maximum of 200 programmes in the UHF band.

The Digital To TV (DTTV) allows to transmodulate Satellite TV channels to Digital Terrestrial Television multiplexes. The DVB-T resulting signal can be displayed with the help of a DTT receiver, nowadays built-in the own TV sets.

Digital To TV (DTTV) is an ideal headend solution for large installations, hotels, convention centers, hospitals, ships, etc. In many cases, the DVB-T signal is robust enough as to not have the need to invest in replacing the network, connexions, etc.

The Digital To TV (DTTV) distribution system allows to re-organise the spectrum, adding the off-air DTT channels received in the region, encoding video-audio channels, etc. Once duly configured, the system becomes autonomous and it can be remotely controlled through Ethernet. It can be rack or wall mounted.

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