Signal Demodulation

March 1, 2006.

TV Explorer - Demodulation keySwitching to this mode will demodulate the signal according to the standard for both analog (except for satellite) and digital signals.

When demodulating an analog channel (cable or terrestrial), the EXPLORER shows with the video and audio, information about the channel on tune, the name of the channel plan and the TV system.

TV Explorer - Digital TV decoding

If the signal is digital (cable, satellite or terrestrial), the instrument shows for a few seconds, all the data related to the channel:

  • Channel number and channel plan
  • MPEG-2 detection flag
  • Service
  • Network Identification
  • Video PID
  • Audio PID
  • Picture format
  • SID
  • ID
  • Free or Encrypted
  • Type of signal (DVB-T / C / S in case of PRODIG-5 and 8VSB / QAM annex B / DVB-S in case of PRODIG-5B)

DVB services screen At any time it is possible to display the SERVICE LIST, by pushing Encoder button, and show all the programs and services available within the tuned channel. Selecting one particular channel or service becomes very intuitive using the encoder and/or the arrow keys.