Experience why the HD  RANGER is the industry reference

Barcelona, December 3, 2015.

The RANGERNeo field strength meters come packed with professional functions that turn them into much more than a TV analyser. Beyond the basic all-purpose testing functions, the latest firmware versions enable users to perform advanced measurements directly over the spectrum trace and detect and manage the next-gen 4K video codec.

Spectrum analyser with Enhanced marker

RANGERNeo professional spectrum analyser enables the user to display several, high-resolution traces on screen. A marker can be associated with any of these traces and take measurements.

MAX Hold, MIN Hold, Frequency, Level, Data-Frequency or Delta-level are some of the options available while real-time spectrum is displayed.

Professional spectrum analyser in terrestrial band displaying measurements of a marker over the trace.
Professional spectrum analyser in terrestrial band displaying measurements of a marker over the trace.

Next-generation H.265 HEVC codecs

Field strength meter identifying H.265 codec.The new H.265 codec is twice as efficient as the H.264 used nowadays. In the next future, new digital services will be broadcasted using this so called HEVC (High Efficiency Video Codec) signaling. PROMAX RANGERNeo 2 field strength meters can identify H.265 transmissions and display relevant profile and bit rate information.

Managing T2-MI signals

Receiving a T2-MI signal.T2-MI is exclusively used in the links between T2 Gateways and DVB-T2 modulators, and it is transported via TS-ASI or IP. RANGERNeo analysers can receive T2-MI signals via its standard fitted ASI and IP inputs. They can be recorded in a file to be played out at a later stage.

PROMAX is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement systems, broadcast and TV signal distribution equipment. Our product lines include measuring instruments for cable TV, satellite TV, broadcast, wireless and fibre optics networks, FTTH and GPON analysers. DVB-T modulators, IP streamers or IP converters (ASI, DVB-T) are among the company’s latest developments.
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