Signal coverage GPS option

March 6, 2015.

Adding this option to the RANGERNeo + and RANGERNeo 2 field strength meters makes them ideal to perform “drive test” signal coverage analysis being able to record different types of measurements and adding information about the time they are recorded and GPS location coordinates.

In these applications it is essential to perform measurements in a specific PLP (Physical Layer Pipe) and to be able to work with the new developments of the DVB-T2 and DVB-T standards, Lite and Base.

All this information is saved automatically to either the internal meter's memory or to an external USB memory and can be transferred to a PC computer using an universal XML format.

Once on the PC the data can be processed and presented in different ways among which overlaying the values on a map is the most interesting.

RANGER Neo + field strength meter screen with GPS option

This option is not compatible with the optional fibre optics measurements module currently available for RANGERNeo + and RANGERNeo Lite field strength meters.