EN-106 Home digital DVB-T modulator

June 1, 2011.

Home indoor DVB-T modulator model EN-106

The EN-106 home DVB-T modulator sends video and stereo audio signal from TV satellite receivers, closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) or video players  to a TV which uses DVB-T (Digital Terrestrial Television) standard.

The selection of an output channel for the modulated signal is done easily via keyboard and display. It also provides connection to the PC via USB.

  • Provides a DVB-T multiplex (Terrestrial Digital Television) in the VHF / UHF band from any audio / video source: TV satellite receivers, security cameras, video players, computer video outputs, etc
  • Connection to PC via USB
  • RF Combiner with an antenna signal and other passive modulators works even when it is off
  • RCA input connectors
  • Compact and small, 40 mm high
  • Stereo sound, MPEG-2 SD video
  • RF programmable output level
  • LCN programmable
  • DVB tables generation

DVB-T home indoor modulator model EN-106

The EN-106 includes an RF combiner on which a channel modulated from existing antenna signals can be added easily. It is a passive combiner that works even if the modulator is off.

It can also be used in series with other EN-106 modulators and with any other RF signal so the number of channels in the coaxial cable on the SMATV system can be increased as desired.