April 1, 2011.

Merogram: MER by carrier as a function of time

Example of Merogram

The Merogram (patented function) is a useful function designed to help in the detection of DVB-T or DVB-H channel reception problems.

It has beed developed to allow for an early identification of intermittent and sporadic problems that may happen in limited periods of time.




The Merogram function shows in a graphical form the values of MER by carrier as a function of time. MER values are represented in a colour scale. The vertical scale shows the different individual carriers that form the COFDM multiplex while the horizontal scale is the time.

Field strength meter with merogram

We therefore obtain a colour map like that shown on the picture. There is a cursor that can be moved around the graphic to display the actual MER values and time stamps of the selected area.

Colour spots on the graphic mean signal reception problems that may have affected only part of the multiplex or occurred during a fraction of time to disappear afterwords thus making them impossible to find using other classic functions.